thirty years and counting....

Back in the 80’s the local market hardly offered any ready to wear fashion alternatives and most looks were sourced locally by your neighborhood seamstresses.
With a love for fashion and identifying a need for curated contemporary looks, our Chief Founder, Luna opened CRASH. A boutique were women could find unique looks and play around with their style. She figured it was time to crash the status quo and offer the local clientele the shopping experience everyone desired. Coincidentally, the first Mall was opening in Los Castaños in Tegucigalpa, Honduras accelerating the demand for fashion alternative - ushering a new era.
Ever since, CRASH is the go-to boutique that has dressed our customers throughout their lifetime. Inadvertently creating a trusting and relaxing environment where we share our life experiences and style ourselves for them. The time invested in our ladies produced an amazing effect, CRASH became more of a lifestyle boutique then a place to shop.
Our customers are at the center of our core values. We understand their keen sense of fashion and love catering to their different styling needs. We select brands and products carefully making sure that they uphold our standards of quality. Our goal is to keep our ladies excited by constantly supplying seasonal curate collections matching the latest trends. We focus on quality at amazing prices rather than disposable fashion to keep our community engaged while constantly updating their looks.
In this ever-changing environment, we continue to evolve. Our web page is just another way to reach our customers.  We continue to value our personalized service with our customers; therefore, we encourage our visitors to contact us and visit our store. We are here to address all your questions and concerns! We can be reached via: